Jk-runtime-status Errno=13

Managing Jk-runtime-status Errno=13 Efficiently

Every time you use the functions of your personal computer, Jk-runtime-status Errno=13 will come your way eventually. Even though you know your personal computer well because of utilizing it for years, such troubles will still come to haunt you. If you use the internet to browse frequently, issues are more likely to happen also. You must be grateful though that your computer is still capable of determining the troubles that need attention or fixation. Time is your main enemy as it will make the situation worse if not solved immediately. To solve the issue, you need to know its root cause, it will help you at least prevent it to happen again in the future.

The reason why Jk-runtime-status Errno=13 exist are many. At times, errors take place due to defective drivers or incompatible application. Yes, anyone can just re-install the operating system and don’t worry about managing the real problem. But the fact is, attempting to fix the problem alone is valuable. In case you would like to try fixing errors, try the following issues and see if you could fix them with the tips below.


This Jk-runtime-status Errno=13 does not select an operating system to attack, it can occur to all even in the most updated ones. Resolving this takes more action than just easy pressing of ESC or Ctrl + Alt + Del. Once you have installed a software or hardware just recently and it didn’t work well with the computer, it can be the major problem behind this error. The great thing to do is open the computer in safe mode so that you could uninstall the software recently added, also remove any hardware devices linked to it.

Virtual Memory Too Low

This error takes place after you have installed a huge app. Whenever your RAM is too low, this problem may also take place. You can purchase additional RAM chips if it is insufficient. Your pagefile size can on the other hand be increased if your RAM can still do the work. Enter Control Panel, click System and find Security. Follow the order of the areas you should be going: Advanced system settings, Advanced tab and Settings. Afterwards, increase your pagefile up to two times your memory.

DLL Files are Lost

This Jk-runtime-status Errno=13 usually takes place if there is lack of a needed file when you run a certain program in your computer. Unless it is not a system file, acquiring another copy of the missing file from the web is feasible. But of course, ensure that you are transacting with a reputable service provider. The problem is that not all files from the web will work. It is another case if a software causes the error as you have to do re-installation. One more reason for this problem could be a virus attack so acquiring a good anti-virus is also a good thing.

Troubleshooting problems in your personal computer will not just save some costs but will be a great benefit to you. Not just that your technical skills will improve, but you will also stay away from the possibility of shelling out a lot of money from replacing something in your computer that has issue. In case you come across the mentioned Jk-runtime-status Errno=13, try fixing it.

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